Important Update Due to COVID-19

Update :10/15/2020

So our fulfillment times, have improved greatly, and are getting back to normal. Averaging out at: 2-8 days for manufacturing and fulfillment; on most items. Shipping on the other hand may still experience some delays, unfortunately(for which we have no control over.)  However, we will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available. 

Thank you, so much for your understanding and support.   

Please stay safe and healthy.

Please remember, we are all in this together.  


 Please note,

that due to COVID-19, some of our manufactures have either, had to temporarily close or downsize their workforce. Usually it takes on average 2-8 days to manufacture items before shipping them out. Although, that time has been extended to as much as, 14 days at the most on some items. We are updating and removing some items until farther notice. We appreciate your support during this time.

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, that this may have caused.


We are finally back up and running at a more efficient pace. Our manufacturer’s times are averaging back at 2 - 8 days for production and fulfillment on the majority of our products. Some items may still take longer due to their popularity and availability of material. 

Thank you again, for sticking with us during these hard times.

We love you and appreciate you! 


PC: Nicole Baster